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What's a Patreon?

Back in "Ye Old Times" if you were an artist or tradesman and wanted to live off your art you needed to find people to fund your art. These people were called "Patrons of the Arts" and by offering their patronage to starving artists, these artists were able to spend as much time as possible creating! Nowadays, however, there's no Medici family or catholic church looking out for us, so some smart dude made a website called Patreon! It works in a similar, more 21st century adapted way, where people like yourself can choose to throw a bit of money towards your favorite artists and creators in return for special benefits! Like exclusive content, free merch, all kinds of fun stuff.

Well why should we give you our money?

You'll get all kinds of *SPECIAL* stuff! Patreons get access to Patreon-exclusive stuff depending on what tier of patronage you're at. ALL patrons get a special place here on the donor wall where you will be PERMANENTLY ingrained on the SoCal Scene site. We're still working out the rest, but we've got some cool ideas in store, exclusive monthly shirts, special monthly stickers, prints etc.