Studio sessions right out of a bedroom in the happy homie home!
                    Performing for the SoCal Sessions Halloween Special

Debuting with the first official SOCAL SESSIONS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! 

Featuring BLU, The Grin, and Nightmare Enterprises!


So what are socal sessions?

Inspired heavily by projects like NPR's TinyDesk Concert, Jam In The Van, Bridgetown DIY, and Punk With A Camera, us here at SoCal Scene have created a filmed studio sessions of our own, SoCal Sessions! Taking place in the master bedroom of our house, The Happy Homie Home, we've built a full recording studio capable of filming, recording, mixing, and mastering studio sessions for all the best local bands in the scene!

What happens at a Socal Session?

Similar to other studio projects a SoCal Session offers around an hour of studio time for a band to come in and perform a short set that we will film and produce for you. We try to stick to 3 songs per band so we have ample time for setup and breakdown of gear, as well as time for multiple takes to perfect each song. After we record a band we sit down in the backyard and film a short interview to get to know the band a bit and learn more about what they're working on. 

How do I book a session for my band?

The quickest way to get in contact with us is always going to be Instagram DMs. After the Halloween Special, we will be dropping a new session every Friday so we always need new bands! Send us a message telling us a bit about your band, how long you've been playing together, how many shows you've played, where you normally play shows, links to music you have out, music videos you've made, and any other band-related content you've created! 

How are you adapting to keep bands safe during the covid pandemic?

Once a band's session is booked and scheduled both the recording band and members of the Happy Homie Home schedule Covid tests the week of their session. Here in Long Beach we have access to tests with next day results, so everyone here working on SoCal Scene gets tested the day before the session so that we know we're all clean for the band to come through. If you'd like to book a session and have never gotten a covid test before we will help you find testing locations near you and walk you through the process of signing up and taking one!

Who put this all together?

SoCal Sessions is a HUGE collaborative effort between all the members of the Happy Homie Home. Brianna Mutlu and Alex Avak are our lead videographers, with B (Brianna) running the dynamic cam, and Alex controlling the side cam. In addition to these two angles, we have a wide cam capturing the whole studio as well as a drum cam. While everything is being filmed our music engineer Sean Mutlu AKA Sean Dude working the audio and making sure that everything is being captured properly. After each session is complete, Ethan Stewart, creator of SoCal Scene, conducts an interview with the band and gathers all the footage and audio to prepare for editing. Alex Avak, lead editor then brings it all together in post and edits together the complete session that you end up seeing! 

The Full sessions!